For the effective use of "Keyster", it is necessary for you to grasp the state of your motorcycle engines before starting maintenance.
When you use the kit in purpose of troubleshooting , you have to find out if the cause of engine malfunction is coming from improper fuel supplies or other reasons. In case of tune up that you want to modify your motorcycle with this kit, you need to check the states of engine both before and after the modification for comparison.
The best method to check it is to measure the Air-Fuel mixing ratio (A/F) by using chassis dynamo-meters or air-fuel mixing ratio meters, but these methods are not practical for general motorcycle owners.
So we have prepared for you two kinds of other ways to diagnose engines. They are very simple and easy to use. (Note: engine tunings by "Keyster" depend on only control of A/F in principle. So we recommend you toinspect electric parts before tand.)

One of the diagnostic method is "Bike-Mood-Check table (BMC)".
In the BMC, we show you various bad conditions of motorcycles, according to throttle position.
You can find a hint of the cause of your engine malfunction in the table. If you can not find any solution in this table, your engine malfunction probably caused by the other parts of the engines.
Although We can not directly observe burning in engines, we can know the combustion states by watching spark plugs.
So we show it for you as another method of diagnosis.called "Plug-Face-Judge table (PFJ)".If you can observe the color and gloss of each part of spark plugs precisely,according to this table you must be able to judge whether the combustion states in engines are good or bad.
The BMC and PFJ teach you right selection of fuel adjustment parts.
You must be able to obtain the optimum A/F and the engines will work correctly with right settings.
Also the heat value of spark plugs often affect the combustion states, so you need to take it into consideration as well.

From these diagnoses, you can determine the size of fuel adjustment parts.
About the extent that how much A/F should be moved by each parts,you can see by A/F Ratio Map drawn in the developed illustrations.
Principle of parts choice of "Keyster" is simple. If you want large A/F, you should select "L" or "LL" from all kinds of parts. Other way round, when you need small A/F, you should choose "R", "RR", or "RRR" It likely possible to change A/F individually on each speed area (low, middle and high).
You must pick up the parts with excellent sense and talent. "Keyster" method of A/F control must raise the revolution in the motorcycle world.

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