Keyster offer about 600 varieties of models of fuel tune-up kit "Keyster."
We know that are not enough to response to all motorcycle maniacs in the world.With the pride as the No.1 maker of carburetor parts in the world, we continue to add new model one after another.
If you want a novel kind of "Keyster", write your request on our home-page.According to detailed information from you, we will try to make it.

When you order "Keyster", you must check carefully not to select wrong items.There are a plenty of near or similar model in our hone-page list. It is not rare that only carburetor is different in a bike even though the name, model, and year are all same.It is rather popular that vintage bikes do not have original carburetors.
To avoid a miss choice, please confirm the developed illustration after you select a "Keyster" from the list of our home-page.

The procedure of check with the developed illustration is as follows:Compare all of your parts to illustration.
Especially, compare the figures of needle valves, gaskets, pilot-jets, main-jets and screws.Are the stamps on your pilot-jets and main-jet the same with those in the illustration "S" ?
Compare stamp of jet-needles.(also "S" is original stamp)

We can not know which carburetor you have.
Please choose and decide the "Keyster" you would buy in you responsibility.

Choose our "Keyster".

Environmental management system.
Acquisition of  ISO international standards.
EMS 581432 / ISO 14001

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