Shipping method
All parcels are shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service) with tracking No. and insurance.  Airmail with tracking No. and insurance are used for countries where EMS shipping is not available.
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Package tracking numbers can be see by users Contact board.
  Shipping cost
The international shipping cost including the insurance and shipping service charge shown in your shopping cart is automatically calculated for each order based on the total weight of the products, products packaging, packaging materials, shipping box or bag and your shipping address.
  Restricted Articles
Depending on the regulations in your country, some articles might be restricted.  Please be aware of that and inform yourself in order to avoid annoyances.
  Products including batteries
The products do not include any kind of batteries due to the safety regulation concerning Dangerous Goods of Hazardous Material imposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  Returned parcels
Undelivered and returned parcels for various reasons such as delivery failed, shipping address was incorrect, the parcel was unclaimed after a delivery attempt, customs duties were not paid by the customer, or the customer declined to accept the parcel upon delivery will be shipped again.  In this case, we will charge you the shipping fee + shipping service charge + Insurance + Tax(5%).
  Utilization of international shipping center
Don't you have experience which was delayed arrival of your parcel or stopped at airport?
In many cases, these problems are caused by the deficiencies in documents at shop side.  There are also cases in which the problem is improper notation of the contents.
For example, ink is tends to be suspected of flammability because it is liquid, so require to prove that it is indeed safe by attach Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) documents.
In our shop we prepare with the MSDS for each product and attach ensure as necessary, and make it possible to delivering the goods smoothly.

Environmental management system.
Acquisition of  ISO international standards.
EMS 581432 / ISO 14001

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